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Testimony of the Archivist

My name is Dustin Nemos, and I want to share some of my beliefs with you, if you’re just learning about me.

I believe in the power of the people to stand against Corruption, Deception, and Evil (And Win!)

I believe that we are undergoing a Great Awakening, now, and that the world is in a state of fluidity and growth – One that Can be steered towards Freedom or Tyranny – Based on the choices of individuals who are waking up to the overwhelming corruption in our world.

I believe that Sunlight is the best disinfectant, Transparency Is Needed – Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum

I believe in Righting the Wrongs, protecting the Innocent, and bringing that sunlight to where the infection and rot is strongest in our society.

I believe We are the Media Now. Citizen Journalism is making a surge, and combating the FAKE NEWS lies of the corporate sellout Media

I believe you should always Be Careful Who You Trust.

I believe that God (YHWH) is watching. Coram Deo and that His son, Yeshuah (Jesus Christ), died for our sins and was reborn.

I believe in the holy scriptures, as a former anti-theist who found God after going down all the rabbit holes in conspiracy world and realizing everything they taught us was a lie. I also believe in God’s authority above any mans,  Sola Scriptura.

I believe that what you don’t know can absolutely hurt you.

I believe there is a death cult that rules the world and engages in human sacrifice to demons and the worship of fallen angels. These “Elite” are merging the world into their NWO Globalist (old world order reborn) One World Government and Religion, their religion is “Mystery Babylon” which is a secret society veiled way of hiding Satanism. These occult rituals have never stopped since before the Great Flood of Noah.

I believe in the Seed War of Genesis 3:15

I believe the Nephilim rule the Deep State.

“I was a lifelong “anti-theist” atheist turned Scientific Fundamentalist Christian

I was a lifelong sinner turned truthspeaker against evil. 

Here is a bit about my beliefs…

I Keep YHWH’s eternal Laws, believe His word on the cosmology of our creation, and am witness to the Seed War of Genesis 3:15″