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"Dustin has proven himself to be a true Q warrior! I greatly admire his passion & tenacity in his pursuit of the TRUTH! He does an excellent job with his videos. His calm, level-headed approach & demeanor, even when debating those with opposing views, are exemplary! Keep on keepin’ on, Dustin! #WWG1WGA!” Lisa Mei Crowley
“Bombed out weird guy..Dead Zombie Eyed…I was cooking eggs for my kid and I started crying, and not in a wimpy way…I never saw satan’s ankles like this…” Alex Jones
"Dustin Nemo is a BAMF" Isaac Kappy
"Dustin Nemos really stands out as a well spoken, well rounded researcher. Dustin presents info from a place of genuine thought and care for the well being of people. In a social/political climate of hostilities, Dustin is the cool, calm older brother that shows us not all is lost." Jenny Moonstone
"Dustin shares his knowledge of so many quality topics, with nothing more in mind than making the world a better place for all!!! This is a man that not only speaks truth, but does so in such a positive, factual and down to earth manner! I consider myself, and thousands of others, very lucky to have found such a fantastic source of “Real News”, by a good, honest family man!! Thank you Dustin for sharing your knowledge, your heart and your kindness to humanity. Your hard work is appreciated more than you could imagine." John Marugg – White Hat Movement"I love and trust DustinNemos! We started our Youtube Channel and Qanon breakdowns on the same exact day…Dec 24, 2017. Christmas Eve. Sincethen we have never wavered and Dustin has remained a solid citizen journalist through the storm. I trust him because of that. Good reporting!" Katie G"When I first started to get to the place I was going to do videos – you’re one of the two or three guys that I looked at on a steady basis because I thought you were early on one of the most dependable Q folks and you didn’t jump up and down and pound your fist you actually looked at it from an objective grounded perspective and I respected that. It’s always good to connect and I really appreciate what you’re doing in the health field.” Seething Frog"I really think that he is one of the brightest young minds that I have come across. His work is both thoughtful and thought provoking.” Lynette Zang “my favorite millennial”
"Dustin has a sharp analytical mind and can sift through the discord. He does this while maintaining a sense of calm in a sea of chaos. It's what we need today in this age of lawlessness, government lies, and false media narratives." Sarah Westall"Dustin Nemos’s delivery of political commentary and analysis is clean, calm, and straight forward. His YouTube channel and website are fantastic resources for anyone looking to stay informed!" 412 Anon – White Hat Movement