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Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card via CoinMama

Coinbase – The Premier US Crypto Exchange, but is kinda strict – read up on them – Coinbase

Changelly – Instant Debit/Credit Bitcoin Purchase (Or use my address to send a donation or payment via card!)

Binance – the most popular Crypto Exchange – A great crypto exchange house where you can purchase many of the smaller coins with BTC, and margin-trade (gamble). Exercise caution and be sure to enable and understand 2 factor authentication for all crypto-platforms. This means you need your cell phone to log in additionally to your password (and you’ll get a backup key to hide incase you lose your phone) to prevent hackers who may gain your password, but not your phone.

*Worth a Note – Bitcoin has ‘first branding’ benefit as the first name in the cryptocurrency space – this makes it popular but it is not necessarily the best (in fact, it may have been quickly outdone in technology by other coins such as ethereum or possibly the newer Eos (nicknamed Ethereum 2.0 or Ethereum Killer) (Update. Ethereum has topped Bitcoin in number of popular users, but not total market cap) (Update: Eos has launched)

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New Report Suggests Average ICO Investor Sees 82% Profit – Zero Hedge

Always use caution when investing – a lot of these returns are DUMB LUCK in a market where the rising tide lifts all boats. as a sub-note below the video in text.

Additional Cryto Resource – Youtube Channel

EOS.IO – ‘The next generation of crypto’ soon to go live

John McAfee at Blockchain Nation – Must See

John McAfee creates a founding document of cryptocurrency – Currency Freedom

Crypto Wallet  – Suggested Crypto Provider

Trading View – Real Time Crypto Reporting

CryptoNews – New About Cryptocurrencies

Cryptoslate – Crypto News

FAQ section:

Question: Educate me here if you will. Is not the globalist agenda to push us to a cashless society? My question is, is crypto currency a form of a cashless society?

Answer: The key is to understand the difference between the opposing ideas of Cryptocurrency and Digital Currency. Both are potentially cashless if used exclusively.

Digital is centralized, controllable, and ultimate slavery power – Governments will attempt to force it on us.

Crypto is decentralized and if done correctly uncontrollable – a truly fair and honest money system that can be trusted and relied on, is not perfect, but is far superior than trusting central banks and their paper fiat currency.