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Cryptocurrency Mining Market Snapshot & Consulting

What is Possible? What have I Experienced?

Checkout Nicehash Program (lets you mine conveniently on any computer, generally fairly easy to use but low profit)

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Consulting Rates: 10 min for $30 | 30 min for $60

Research a coin – $50

Help with Basic Crypto Wallet Setup (will hold your hand through process of getting a wallet and learning how to buy crypto and send/receive crypto.) – $50

Buy Bitcoin: Rate changes daily, but can contact for rates. Help with setting up a ‘paper wallet’ to store coins ‘offline’ so they cannot be hacked. – $50

(You can still check your balance generally with the public key while not putting the private key at risk – except perhaps with privacy coins in which case you may need to log in)

Further Education & Useful Resource:

Probability Calculator

NiceHash – Largest Crypto-Mining Marketplace