Google shows the neighbors house for this address, but it’s mistaken.

Mostly wooded, path through the woods, flat at the bottom (road access) and  on the orange stripes.

The twin streams run at the bottom of a valley (at the top of the hill) and is very secluded. quiet neighborhood, good neighbors – friendly folks.

the gravel hill road access is all sloped down fairly steep (can walk it, but not drivable)

secluded 11 acres in quiet neighborhood – very safe area and abundant natural resources. Plenty of game and local farmers. Was used as hunting land before

Half built (probably weatherworn by now) unfinished cabin (good lumber in there, could salvage or maybe even finish) at the top ofthe hill near valley (orange lines area) and a small clearing was done for solar up there.

Real estate agent is Lukas Hales (originally sold it to us)

We owe 15ish thousand – paid 32k, hoping to recoup some of it before losing it (behind on payments)

his contact info (he knows the property better than we do!) is

Lukas Hales –

cell =  9318014110

home = 9313250015