*I make no claims, but my belief based on extensive research is that detoxing the heavy metals will lead to reversal of many symptoms associated with heavy metals (such at autism, dementia, alzheimers) – Please use caution and READ THE MERCOLA ARTICLE FIRST! Not safe to use with Silver Amalgam Fillings – Take them out first with a trained mercury removal dentist (A regular dentist will dump the powder in your mouth or in the air)

Dark Glass Bottles –
Ultrasonic Cleaner (With Flask – multiple size options) –
Reduced Glutathione –
Sunflower lecithin –

Mercola Article detailing Transport Proteins (To remove the dislodged metals) –

Another powerful potential to bind and transport the dislodged metals (From Glutathione) is

Have Silver Dental Amalgams (Fillings)?

Please see this NOW

How to Safely and Effectively Remove Mercury from Your Brain and Body