Stay at Home Mothering

To Quote some Stefan Molyneux tweets – I want to address the very real issue of cost of working as a mother vs benefits of being a stay at home mother (Financially – by the numbers – it actually is very rewarding to be a stay at home mom – if you can handle it!

I think Stefan does a great job, here:

Stefan: “Mothers are told to work in order to destabilize the family and make everyone miserable. Rarely any financial benefit to it. Also the State can’t tax motherhood. Working moms put kids into the hands of State-trained workers, who are also taxed. Govt wins, everyone else loses.”

Stefan: If your wife would be unhappy if you paid some stranger minimum wage to take her out on your anniversary so you could get some work done, how do you think your baby feels about being dumped in daycare? Your baby needs you. Parenting cannot be delegated. Find a way. Don’t do it

other person: This is apples to oranges. Daycare is great for small children in limited amounts. Social interactions help build strong character. Adults need to remember adulting is different than parenting.

Stefan: You can learn “socializing” in prison too. How many times as an adult do you find yourself dumped in an unfamiliar environment with strange people and no control over your situation?

Other: That’s simply untrue. My husband’s tax liability was lowered, not increased, without the second income. And we qualified for additional tax deductions offsetting the loss of the second income.

Other: This is nuts. I know plenty of families where the wife makes more than the husband.
Stefan: How are his breast-feeding skills?

More Stefan:
Parents put their babies in daycare to be “socialized,“ and then wonder why their teens are more bonded with their peers than their parents.

Most women pay most of their after-tax earnings in child care expenses, second-car commuting costs and other work-related expenses. It’s a scam.

With parenting, it’s always “pay me now,“ or “pay me later.“ Make the sacrifices when they’re young, or pay for it when they’re teenagers. The “pay me later” part is always much worse.

Absolutely – breastfeeding is essential for healthy development, losing pregnancy weight and bonding (although I know it can be really tough). Also breast milk calibrates itself to male or female babies – amazing! Don’t get that from bottles. 18 months is recommended I believe.


Fine if ya feel that having kids interferes with your “lifestyle” (though people who use that word rarely have either a life or style) – but you rely on everyone else’s kids growing up and taking care of your wrinkled ass in your dotage. Good thing we’re not all like you eh?


Women are the stewards of the next generation and the carriers of culture and values. Saying motherhood means “being in the kitchen” is both hollow and hateful. I guess I just met your mother.


People always tell me that their kids’ childhoods go by so fast. Of COURSE they do, they are separated for most of the day. Maybe an hour of quality time. If you watch every 10th frame of a movie, 2 hours becomes 12 minutes. It’s over before you know it. & u missed most of it