Fake Maga

Like Fake News, but these Judas-Figures are betraying Q from within, using similar tactics of appeal to ridicule, ad hominems, etc.

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Jack Posobiec
“Jack Posobiec called Pizzagate fake, called John McCain a hero & Q a LARP! Not to mention he’s flip flopped on Pizzagate & Q. He has zero credibility!”

Lee Stranahan

https://www.bitchute.com/video/yGwgd5jrxYu3/ – 5 hour ‘Q Anon’ Debate.
Refused to address arguments, obfuscated, condescended, self-inflated, gaslighted, refused to address arguments, changed topics to pizzagate, then defended Podesta/Evie’s Crib and implied I was a pedophile for investigating pizzagate.