Whether you are Agnostic, Atheist, Anti-theist, or Theist – The “Elite” powerful few who rule this world clearly practice some form of occult religion, and it’s clearly demonstrably an  evil and dark one. I lean towards thinking they actually consider themselves the descendants of the Nephilim (Book of Enoch, suppressed canon of the bible, but Jesus quotes it and other than the Dan River thing it seems to be legit, and that has questions around it as well)

I will use this page to compile some notes as I come across it – I’ve already forgotten most of the videos and information I’ve read but I think its time to begin compiling it in a single place for study and for others to benefit from:

This is a deep rabbit hole – and you don’t have to believe in this stuff – THEY DO, and they are already sacrificing children en masse to this bloodthirsty Darkness.



A bit of context

See also MK ULTRA page

Ritual Breakdown