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MK Ultra

Alice In Wonderland – An historical Perspective, pre MKULTRA


Alice: Madness Returns – The Infernal Train, final boss and ending

American Mcgee’s Alice Game Movie (All Cutscenes) HD (2nd Game)
Alice: Madness Returns Game Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p HD

explore the motif of cultural impact of pedophilia and mk ultra
explore pedophilia in culture and eastereggs in hollywood & disney. And Alice in Wonderland and mk ultra

Emily Dickenson (famous poet) – Was pre-CIA mind control victim. Many letters confirmed to an unidentified Master whom she spoke to with masochistic devotion. So this kind of stuff has been around a long time and the CIA only upgraded the system.

The victims are insensible of their fate by being “over the rainbow” thanks to the programming if it uses the Wizard of Oz script , or “Through The looking Glass” if it was Alice in Wonderland.

Fritz Springmeier suggests that the key elements of Alice in Wonderland cryptic language are logical contradictions, inversions and reversals which unsettle and bedazzle the mind providing an alternate reality that has it’s own attractions.
Fritz writes of the difficulty of de-programming:
“as the slave breaks away from the programming, life becomes a bewildering confusion as the slave is pulled between two worlds. The internal world has everything the alter needs, the external world is a harsh cold reality that doesn’t have much to offer.

MK Ultra and Illuminati Abuse Disclosure – Alice and Wonderland Music Video

MK Ultra/Alice in Wonderland/Illuminati Abuse Music Video – 5 examples and intro
i pet goat alice scene.

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