Unirock & UniRach

Unirock & UniRach

After being politely challenged to debate Q (Challenge issue on 3rd of july 2018), Antischool & Unirock host staged/hoax Debates while I travel to visit my family for the 4th (3 day trip) claiming /projecting that I refused to show up to debate them. Day 2 antischool backs out of debate and Unirock continues this deception for days.
1. Unirock failed to set or schedule a date that worked for all parties
2. He refused to accept a moderator (and how can I have not shown up for a ‘debate’ if he hadn’t even accepted a moderator or agreed upon one or agreed upon a time? Ask yourself this)
3. When called out for lies, he spreads rumors that I am attacking veterans (hides behind being former military in order to defend his lies) and after issuing numerous public invitations to his discord chat – I show up and challenge him in front of his discord people to stop playing gotcha games and actually debate me. Unirach responds with claims of something (i can’t even remember) and says she has proof. Then I say go ahead and show it, instead of demonstrating proof she says she wants to play videogames and blocks me.) When challenged in DM Unirock blocks me as well.
Continues to spread lies


Then around 8.19.20 (after I did some content exposing their lies) Unirach issues claims on twitter that I have stolen from 4 children and shut down their twitch channel (if you know me, you know most of my audience are boomers and probably don’t even know what twitch is  – also that I don’t even use twitch because I work for a living and twitch is a videogame streaming site – Unirockplays videogames all day, I work)

Again, establishing a pattern of ‘claims’ without proof and then blocking when challenged on claims (and continuing to spread said claims)


Update: Unirock also receives special perks from Youtube and never had them removed for being a truther (think of the great ‘demonetization’ and the ‘great purge’ of conservative youtubers)




9.14.18 – Rumors are swirling that Unirock has committed stolen valor, pretending at being a veteran while not actually being one or using a fake discharge to claim it. He shows a military ID, but these cost around $11 online for fakes. No firm evidence yet, please contribute if you know anything.