Jack Posobiec

Jack Posobiec



“Jack Posobiec called Pizzagate fake, called John McCain a hero & Q a LARP! Not to mention he’s flip flopped on Pizzagate & Q. He has zero credibility!”

Jack Posobiec claims to have single-handedly “debunked” , yet never offers any explanation about John Podesta’s emails, Tony Podesta’s paintings, or James Alefantis’ Instagram…

See Jack Posobiec Is a LIAR And I Can Prove it in 20 seconds (Be Careful Who You Trust) Where Jack Posobiec proves himself a liar, with his own words. He doxxed me a week after saying he would never doxx people.


here is Jack posing with Fake alt Right Nazi (Former obama supporter, who Dinesh D’souza exposed as a leftist agent provocateur) Richard Spencer

Credit to @Qovfefe for this thread

1) Let’s take a look at the timeline of ’s claims about Q so far: On Aug 4th 12:36 PM Jack HYPOTHESIZES that Q is EITHER a joke gone wrong OR a disinformation campaign by bad actors.

2) Jack then contradicts himself THREE MINUTES LATER at 12:39 PM when he claims that the DAY BEFORE he was given EVIDENCE that Q started as a joke. Oof, not off to a great start.

3) Almost 30 minutes later he posts an easily forged message claiming it’s from one of the original “Q founders”.

4) A couple of days later he posts a periscope claiming he spoke with Jerome Corsi about Q being fake, and that he knows all the names of the people behind Q but is too principled to doxx them. Then Corsi contradicts Jack’s story, stating that he does believe QAnon.

5) Then on August 9th, seems to imply that John McCain is behind QAnon.

6) Now on Aug 17th, Jack posts a supposed chat log, trying to convince his followers that some BARELY LITERATE individuals put in the immeasurable time & effort to plan, coordinate, & execute a very complex hoax “just for kicks”. Even posting ORIGINAL IMAGES from AROUND THE WORLD

Update 8.30.18 (ish) – https://www.pscp.tv/w/1mnGeoXgBQExX?t=5s – He again claims to never doxx people, days after doxxing me
Earns Nickname Jack “Muh Chat Logs” Posobiec on twitter – as he continually promises proofs and never delivers his big anti Q ‘proof’

Update: 9.1.18


Update 9.5.18

9.10.18 – Jack released fake chat logs which were debunked within 30mins.

Here Q links to my video showing how easy it is to create fake discord chat logs, he uses this to debunk Posobiec’s fake chat logs.

And more Fake Maga-ry.


Most recently Posobiec seems to have been involved with pressuring American Priority (Conservative Conference in DC) To Deplatform A Qanon Panel they had invited me and others to speak on (Jordan Sather, Justinformed Talk)



update 1.16.19 – Found this