Alex Jones

And to my great Disappointment (As a former hero of mine)

Alex Jones.

Update 6.4.19

Update 3.15.19

Update 3.6.19

Update 9.5.18

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Update 9.8.18 – Alex Jones Ties to  Mossad and Nxivm’s Bronfman family –

Update 9.9.18 – – alex admits family CIA connections /


“I haven’t had Trump call me in six months,” – April 2018

“I will tell Trump that you really betrayed your family and your name, and everything you stood for with this horse manure.” – April 2018

“They have broken Trump,” Jones said. Later, he promised again to deliver a message to the president: “If you ever call me again, I’m going to tell you I’m ashamed of you.” – April 2018