Fake Maga

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Like Fake News, but these Judas-Figures are betraying Q from within, using similar tactics of appeal to ridicule, ad hominems, etc.

Under construction, twitter quote images/quotes/lists appreciated!

Context: Uni/0hour1/antischool and others have been antiQ since Alex Jones came out against Q. Which is when Q exposed Alex/David Seaman/Corsi for being liars. The new wave like stranahan and posobiec jumped on Q when the MSM began to switch from ignore to massive attack mode on Q.


Jack Posobiec

Mike Cernovich

Lee Stranahan




David Seaman (Fulcrum News)

Jerome Corsi


Unirock & UniRach

Alex Jones


Craig Sawyer


Common Themes:

1. Use edited photoshopped images to debunk(Strawman/Lie)
2. Push the theory that Pamphlet is Q – Addressed HEREBig Lie Theory
3. Use Ridicule and insults and appeals to emotion (dramatic expressions of belief in lieu of actual – say it with emotion and more people believe you)
4. Avoidance of Debates (Stranahan Debate #2, Jack Posobiec, Unirock, Ginger McQueen)