Nemos Network

As we evolve we are fine tuning this 1man/1woman (1 baby and a few furballs…but they don’t help much with the work.) operation. I am announcing Club Nemos  Nemos Network in response to the constant demonetization and censorship I personally am facing (and I know others are as well!)

In exchange for your No-Commitment, Money Back Guarantee* I’ve created this Exclusive Club of less than 1% of my audience who support the show with their pocket (And I certainly appreciate everyone else who helps with support and gifts and sharing my links!)

As I always look for win-win capitalism to solve my problems, I hope to bring you value of at least $17 a month with the following and am always open to suggestions on how to sweeten the deal (if viable)

Here’s what I’ve come up with!

-Direct Email Access to Dustin Nemos
-Suggest Guests/Topics (within certain boundaries I must establish for my brand)
-Suggest Questions for upcoming Guests (Will Update this page, you will see some Regulars as well like Dave Janda and Lynette Zang)
-10% off all purchases on website (pays for itself, first purchase often)

-for a monthly commitment of $17 your name will be sent to the Developer of The Gadgetman Groove for  $100 (20%) off his throttle bodies, And a Fuel Economy/Troubleshooting call of up to an hour. For free.

-Access to private Supporters-only Chatroom on Discord(chat app) to share in discussions with Dustin Nemos and other like minded patriots who are as passionate as you. Network! Already seen some very interesting discussions emerge! (We have a PUBLIC chat with thousands as well for nonstop Q chatter on various topics) Hold on to your White Hats!
-You get a simple, humble white hat. (With plenty of suggestions/images of CUSTOM white hats people have made to inspire you) to show your colors and show the Black Hats we are NOT Afraid of Them Anymore!
-Access to my Full Notes on DIY Health Recipes taken from leading health experts in their fields. Save Thousands. (Also available for $10 as a digital file)

*Money Back Guarantee good on a month to month basis, but past months are value for value exchanges and have no such guarantee.
Refer a friend and get $5! (Speak to me about this via email before referral please!)

Signup HERE