Carbon 60

“Hey, Friend.

I want to inform u that after only 2 weeks on C60 and 1 week on Boron therapy (Ted’s plan— more aggressive nut I am treating issues, not just maintaining healthiness)  I am noticing improved mental clarity, more vivid dreams, and  and less abd bloat.. I also have decreased joint inflammation (not debilitating but was quite annoying)— i anticipated possibly excrutiating with Hurr Flo but not feeling anything! Even my foot feels better (2 reconstructive surgeries after trauma)- which is amazing as i had given up everything i love due to it and now have hope to return to long hikes and LIVING.

As I  really dont care which is doing what I will continue both indefinitely.

Anyway, you and your family have a strong supporter here for all u r doi g. Daily prayers for tour health and successful endeavors. Hope u got that printer cartridge issue hacked, too. What a scam printer ink is!”





8.27.18 – (6 days in) Riley is 15 years old, been blind since Oct 2016. Even though he’s had 2 eye surgeries, I knew his eyesight would gradully go. Some complications were remedied with surgery, but not all.
I started C60 on 8/21 & I can tell he is feeling better already. His walk is longer, he’s more active, in a better mood, and sleeping well. This morning, he walked around a garbage bin. …shocked me because normally he will walk right into a parked car. He was able to stay on the sidewalk too (he falls off constantly). Maybe Carbon 60 reduced inflammation in his joints and around his eyes.
https://youtu.be/yUTngu2I6S4 – in folder as Karon’s Riley

Hi Dustin,
I did not make a video of Riley; the changes I am seeing are only apparent through knowing him.
Good things are happening with his health. Riley’s walk has extended from 1 1/2 blocks to 9 blocks, and it’s face-pace walking. He’s more laid back, relaxed, and in a better mood too. Before, I had to catch the right day & moment to groom him or he would growl and snap at me. His body must be easing up from aches and pains.
I will get back to you to let you know of any significant improvements with Riley
Please Be Well
Karon & Riley

I have been taking C60 for about 3 months. Initially started with C60 in olive oil, but switched to C60 in coconut oil for the last two months (taken orally, usually directly about 1-2 Tbs per day), which I found more effective and better tasting. Prior to taking C60, I have to say I’m in pretty good health and pretty athletic. I’m quite an avid runner having run marathons last year, although now I have relatively minor chronic injury and am switching over to biking for a while. After about 3-4 weeks on C60 I did notice improved stamina and energy with better, more restful sleeping. Since I had to back off my running schedule, it’s hard to correlate C60 to better recovery times or improved stamina too much, but I would say that overall energy levels were higher.


Simultaneous with the C60, I also started a program of intermittent fasting for about 6 weeks. Combined, the results were really phenomenal. There are plenty of videos out there, but intermittent fasting generally requires you to restrict ANY caloric intake (even supplements and coffee, only water) to a window in a 24-hour day of somewhere between 4-9 hours. 4 is really aggressive (really for high-performance athletes), but from 6-9 hours is relatively comfortable, whatever you can work up to. This reduces the amount of time you have insulin in your system, forcing your body to burn more body fat during the day. You can still eat a full day’s calories in the 4-9 hour window, and you should drink a lot of water throughout the whole day. Without limiting calories, I burned a lot of weight and had a lot more energy, and coupled with the C60, increased overall strength and energy even though I had backed off from real rigorous training due to the running injury. I did spend more time lifting weights, and now biking, and probably feel leaner and stronger than when I was running long distances regularly.


The only other real supplement/food intake I’m a huge fan of is branch-chain amino acids (BCA), which are like highly enriched protein powder that really aids in muscle building and athletic recovery. After a workout, taking BCA can really help build a leaner, fitter body and aid muscle recovery. Because I combined these changes over the most recent summer it’s hard to say specifically how the C60 added to weight loss, stamina, etc. if done alone, but I have been taking BCA for almost a year, and the C60 and intermittent fasting really helped kick everything up a couple notches for me.


Hope that helps,

Best regards,


FYI I’ve been using the c60 in coconut oil for like 10 days. I have had a dry cyst that wouldn’t heal up and go away (doc said probably hormone caused) for at least 6 months. I’ve been taking the c60 and putting it on the cyst once a day. It’s almost completely gone and so far not even scarring. Bonus! My 11 yr old golden retriever has also been taking it, he’s playing like a puppy again. I can’t throw his toys fast enough before he’s back begging me the throw it again. Crazy wonderful! Thanks Dustin!

My old dog Buster, 15, got up & walked down the first flight of stairs an hour after I gave him his 1st dose!

Howdy. Just got my two jars of c60 ..yahoo. Thank you ! Keeping one giving other away Having just a amazing results with my eyesight from taking what I had really sparingly Until the other day I did not see the land out there ..ha ! Can read without glasses … haven’t done that in 20 years

Thanks you guys are amazing so far my dog has shown improvement in her energy level she wants to go for more walks again and likes taking her daily dose. Her fur has gotten very soft and I’m sure the aches and pains accosiated with the lyme D’s. Has decreased it really messed with her joints. I just want her quality of life in her older years to be good.

I have found an added bonus to c60. After taking it for 14 days I noticed I had stopped craving sweets. I was hooked on Dr pepper and little Debbie’s. I’ve kicked the DP habit for water and I’m craving real food now. Crazy, but the only change was c60! How awesome! I’ve lost 6lbs in the last week!

Hi Dustin,

OMG!    C60 – I am totally SOLD!

I am 55 years old and have started taking 1/4 teaspoon of your C60 after breakfast everyday.

The main reason I got interested in taking C60 was to hopefully improve my eyesight (I need glasses for reading) and also for it’s purported health benefits. I am an ardent user of Vitamin C and have had great results with it, so seeing that C60 is a much more potent anti-oxidant than Vit C, I figured this had be a winner.

I assumed it would take at least a couple of weeks to notice any changes and probably months before possible eyesight changes. I was also conscious of the fact that some people have reported they didn’t notice any change at all from taking C60.

BUT – All of these unexpected things happened right from the start:

Day 1:  Late that afternoon while sitting quietly doing some work, I started noticing a feeling of euphoria and like my body was super-charged! This completely took me by surprise and I was trying to think of what I had eaten that day, whether I had  inadvertently had some coffee or something. But looking back I couldn’t see that I had eaten anything that would affect me like this, so it occured to me that perhaps it could be the C60!

Really?  On day 1??

I was also having a bit of a detox with random pains around my body, feeling jittery, etc, which continued for about 3 days.

Day 2:   I started noticing my appetite dropping away, so had no trouble missing the evening meal, which I do some days of the week as I enjoy the benefits of intermittent fasting. I would say my appetite has reduced by about 1/3. I just don’t feel as hungry anymore.  This has continued.

Day 3:   I started feeling like I wanted to stretch, do yoga, dance, which I haven’t felt inspired to do much of lately due to feeling sore afterwards.  I’ve noticed that when I exercise now I have absolutely no sore muscles afterwards. This desire to stretch and move has continued.

Day 4:   I woke up in the middle of the night to my sinuses draining, which I have been trying to do for the last couple of months without much success, after having a bad cold over the winter.

Day 5:   My chronic sore shoulder which I have had for the last couple of years (RSI?/Tendonitis?) is starting to recover. I’m getting my range of movement back, less soreness and can feel the strength coming back.

So what is going to happen next?…….I have no idea!

I don’t know whether my eyesight will improve, but in the meantime I feel like I’m getting my life energy back!

P.S.  I would say to anyone wanting to take C60, to heed the recommendation of starting with small amounts, so as to keep detoxing symptoms to a minimum.

So thankyou Dustin for providing such a great product!

Kind Regards,


New Zealand.

Good to see you Jerry Day..great guest Dustin..Oh, just to let you know.. I have been taking C-60 for 10 days now and already my vision is getting better.. usually I see double moons.. i was just out looking at the moon without my glasses and i see only one moon.. have so much energy, overall i feel great.. THANK YOU DUSTIN and APEXHEALTH.CLUB will keep you updated.. Heart Love and Sincere Gratitude for your Service to Others..<3

Just ordered the 9 oz – gotta say, with all that is on my plate, I have energy to spare!  This stuff is a Godsend!  Thanks, Dustin.  🙂

– Catherine



“I’d seen some borax vids before. I guess I believed their claims but they didn’t seem like people that do homework. More like people who heard something and then made a video. After seeing your information on it and because I know you do do your homework…I tried it. I had an arthritic thing developing on my elbow for several weeks. Really bad pain. It’s pretty hard to get through the day not using one of your elbows. I kid you not..2 days after taking 30mg/2x a day, the pain had lessened. I only started 5 days ago and it continues to get a little better every day. Thanks for being the kind of guy that does his homework, otherwise I’d be in worse pain. Maybe in a month it with be a thing of the past.”

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