Courts have finally begun to dispense justice against Monsanto(Bayer) for Roundup Glyphosate Cancers, awarding one man 300million. –
Here is an older chart showing how widespread it has become.. It’s probably in you and your food supply.


===Permaculture Study Guide===



Permaculture Orchard Made Simple

Simple DIY Automated Watering Wick System

Self Watering Systems

===Indoor Growing===

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Indoor Growing made Simple

Wheatgrass Fodder System – Also for Humans!

Fodder system step by step

Small system example of design and efficiency – Fodder/Indoor shelf grow system

Clever Potato efficiency trick – low space

Fodder system step by step

Microgreen Business

Indoor Growing – Lighting Maths

Grow Light Options/opinions

Permaculture DIY

Seed Sprouting Trick

Custom Fodder System – large scale

Microgreens Shopping List and Chore Rotation Schedule:

Yellow Sticky Notes – Record Start Dates/Plant Types
Hydrogen Peroxide (Sterilize mold spores on seeds during soak, add 1 oz per gallon of water)
Seeds: Southern States has bulk quantity order-able, claims to be untreated seed.
Trays : Here

Balancing PH for Microgreens.

Control Humidity with Air fans and Dehumidifier

Food grade 35% H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) for soaking.

Bleach (not organic?) for cleaning trays.

Or solution with organic cleaner oils (Such as diluted Grapefoot Seed Extract)

Protocol for Wheat grass

1> Soak for (overnight? or two nights?) with 1 oz of hydrogen peroxide per gallon of water. Add water until 2 inches above seed level to allow for expansion. Soak in 2 stacked buckets with top 1 being filled with drainage holes on the bottom for ease.

2> Then add about 2.5lbs per tray (?) and flood /drain twice daily.

3> If lighting is sufficient – 7 days later (?) you’ll have full growth – use sticky notes to denote start dates.

Other Sprouting options available: Juicy Sprout (A sampling!)

Mushrooms for Profit