“All I ever wanted was to be free without stepping on my fellow man. It led me on a strange and difficult path through life. The school of hard knocks some call it. But I came through – for better or worse. I am an autodidact polymath, which is just a fancy way of saying I taught myself many things in my 16 years of being plugged into the internet. I like to joke I am Neo without the Hacking skills – but I did go down some rabbit holes, learn some things, and now I try to share those things with the world. I have a real passion for changing this world, from the bottom up – with your help, my friends.”

Dustin Nemos

Dustin Nemos is a freedom-maximalist, Voluntaryist, Autodidact Polymath, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Trend Watcher, Avid Researcher and hobbyist Economist, holistic researcher, Philosopher, And Political Talking Head. His main goals are – Be a good dad, be a good person, be free, and destroy evil with logic, evidence, reason, and compassion.

“I don’t want war, but if it must come – let it come in my time, so that my children may know peace.”

These images will give you a quick peek into my heart and soul. And perhaps touch yours as well.

Vincit qui se vincit.